Why Train With Us?

The Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust is a partnership of aspirational primary schools across the north Devon Atlantic Coastline. The Trust formed in 2013 to unite local schools through shared core values which inspire and empower our children to achieve their full potential. We work together to share expertise and excellent classroom practice. Learning with us will enable you to draw upon a strong network of professionals dedicated to building your confidence, subject knowledge and skills as a primary practitioner

The ACCT comprises a diverse group of eight settings including urban, coastal, rural, church and community schools, ranging in size from around 100 to 400 children from nursery through to Year 6.

Our schools are all based very close to the North Devon Biosphere and areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty which we all frequently access as part of our curriculum. Why choose the ACCT School Direct Programme?

All ACCT schools have a strong commitment to outdoor learning experiences. As part of our training programme, we offer the opportunity to study towards Forest School accreditation.

Although you will be based in one of our Trust schools, there will be many opportunities to work in our partner settings and with other trainee teachers on this programme.

ACCT are supported by partners from a wide range of backgrounds. These include University of St Mark and St John, RHS Rosemoor, Bideford Bay Co-operative Learning Trust, Devon Wildlife Trust and the Diocese of Exeter.

As a small collection of schools, we are able to offer a flexible programme in which you will work in partnership with your mentor in order to fully personalise your training programme.

We value the impact that highly motivated and enthusiastic trainee teachers have on our school communities
Programme Information


Programme Information

The Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust School Direct programme is an exciting new Teacher Education Training Route, formed from a partnership between the Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust and the University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth. Our training programme uses our varied range of Trust schools, enabling trainees to experience a wide range of different learning environments.

As a School Direct trainee, you will be enrolled alongside PGCE students at the University of St Mark and St John (Marjon) with access to the full range facilities, resources and both social and academic opportunities. As a full member of Marjon, you will benefit from all aspects of student life and student support facilities on offer there.

From day one, trainees will be school based and a part of a school team, working with outstanding teachers and mentors in our schools. School Direct brings together all the necessary elements required for excellence in Initial Teacher Education and Training; this is built upon a partnership of expert school based practitioners and our accrediting provider, Marjon. The programme brings teacher education pedagogy and up to date research within a school based setting, providing enriched, school-based essential classroom experiences that allows you to put theory into practice as you develop into an outstanding teacher.

The School Direct programme duration is one academic year (September - July), during which time you will be based in a home school and to ensure a breadth of experience you will undertake a number of high quality school placements across the Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust. You will also enjoy a bespoke programme of training developed and delivered by our Trust Schools and University partners, with a strong emphasis on outdoor learning.

All graduates of the Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust Schools Direct programme will be confident, passionate, knowledgeable and reflective teachers. The Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust is offering 10 places across its 8 schools on the School Direct Training Programme. We are not offering Salaried placements for the academic year 2014/2015
Placement Information


Placment Information

You will be assigned to one of the schools in the Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust in which you will do a teaching placement in the Autumn and Summer terms. In the Spring term you will be assigned a teaching placement in another of our Trust schools to ensure you have a range of experience.
You can express a preference for a placement at a specific school in the Trust, however we cannot promise to meet your request as we will take into account the requests, location, strengths and weaknesses of all candidates. You will have full access to the University of St Mark and St John, including all Student facilities and welfare services. You will be assigned a mentor from your assigned school who will meet with you weekly. From the beginning you will be treated like a member of staff and will attend staff meetings and development days. You will be in school from the first day of the school year so you will feel part of the team from day one. Our mentors are outstanding teachers but they are also required to undertake a rigorous training programme to develop their mentoring skills. This includes coaching, effective classroom observation and feedback skills. In addition, trainees from across the Trust will meet regularly to reflect on progress and build opportunities for inter-school working.



As part of the course you will study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which includes 60 credits towards a master's degree, together with a Forest School qualification.


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Being a part of the year 5/6 residential to St George’s House, Georgeham

Using a compass to draw circles to a given radius  

‘I like having a student teacher because it’s easier to get help and it’s nice having more help’